Smellwell Toilet Fragrance Spray with Essential Oils


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Refreshing CITRON toilet spray to lock the doors for funky odours and spread positivity all around. Just five spritz in the bowl – before you “GO”! And everything is sorted!

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Smell Well Citron is – a refreshing aromatic MAGIC TRICK to be done before you ‘GO’! Citron is a unique blend of naturally powerful essential oils, extracted from top quality farm produce, in the latest processing plants.

Its composition is perfectly designed to block any sort of funky toilet odours from its roots i.e., the middle of toilet bowl. Include Smell Well in your everyday toilet routine and say goodbye to worries of bad odours.

1. Get Smell Well out of armoury

2. Just 5 Spritz before the war begins into the toilet bowl water's surface

3. Safely Occupy the royal throne

4. Blow the war bugle, victory is yours!

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sachin patani
21 October 2021


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