Smellwell Toilet Fragrance Spray with Essential Oils

Citron + Lavandula

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Bring home two mesmerizing Smell Well fragrances at an amazing discount with Smell Well’s Introductory Combo offer. Get a refreshing Citron and mystical Lavandula combo of 2 X 40ml packs - at an amazing discounted price of INR 1299 ONLY!!

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  1. Smell Well offers refreshing aromas crafted in India, with a one-of-a-kind application and usage. With this in your hand, nothing can spoil your mood in your most personal experience.
  2. Eliminate any funky bathroom smells before they arise, using any of these fragrances. Together, they go up to 120 uses (each use is 5 sprays). Fill your senses with powerful fragrances that last longer than any regular deodorizer or air freshener.
  3. Before-you-go toilet sprays form a layer over the toilet water and effectively lock the doors for odors. Spreading only positivity all around. Just five spritz in the bowl and everything is sorted!

1. Get Smell Well out of armoury
2. Just 5 Spritz before the war begins into the toilet bowl water's surface
3. Safely Occupy the royal throne
4. Blow the war bugle, victory is yours!

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sachin patani
21 October 2021


21 October 2021


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