Smellwell Toilet Fragrance Spray with Essential Oils


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Dreamy LAVANDULA toilet spray to mask the funny task and enjoy the trip to the Garden of Eden. Just five spritz in the bowl – before you “GO”! And you’re ready for ride!

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Smell Well Lavandula is – an edgy and dreamy MAGIC TRICK to be done before you ‘GO’! Lavandula is an exquisite blend of naturally powerful essential oils, extracted from the best of the best raw materials, in the latest processing plants.

Its composition is designed with total precision and expertise to completely stop trippy toilet odours coming out from the toilet bowl. Add Smell Well to your daily toilet routine and say bye bye to stinky toilet and noses as well.

1. Get Smell Well out of armoury

2. Just 5 Spritz before the war begins into the toilet bowl water's surface

3. Safely Occupy the royal throne

4. Blow the war bugle, victory is yours!

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