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5 factors which ruin your impression in MNCs


That’s because Multi-National Companies offer a distinctive work culture and values which sets you apart from others in your professional as well as personal life!

But just belonging to an MNC doesn’t suffice! You have to embrace that culture and imbibe those values in everyday life to maintain a good impression at an MNC.

Basically, it’s all about corporate etiquettes! 
You gotta do it right!

If you are also working in an MNC or if you want to work in an MNC someday, these are the 5 factors which make a huge impact on your impression…

  1. Telephone Etiquette
    Everybody has a smart phone now-a-days but that doesn’t make you a smart person. The way you use phone makes a big impact on your image or persona. And it is not just about talking over a call. Today, the smartphone has so many more uses. What if your eyes are glued to your screen all the time, while others are interacting? What if your phone rings during a meeting? What if you have put earphones and now you are speaking too loudly? From your ringtone to your tone, the way you use phone, defines you as a person!
  2.  Lunch Etiquette
    There are people who bring lunch from home, then there are those who order for a delivery, and then there are those who have a ‘fast’ - at a regular office in India. Whether you are having a lunch with colleagues or client, just make sure you don’t eat up your reputation. Be it the way you eat, the way you talk while eating, the condition in which you leave the table after lunch – these are the small things which make a big impact on your reputation. Spilling food, eating in unhygienic manner, choosing creepy topics while talking – leaves a bad taste! 
  3. Desk Etiquette
    The organization assigns you a work station or desk to carry out your daily tasks. And you always have that freedom to personalize the desk. However, your desk tells a lot of things about you. For example –cleanliness, sincerity, religiousness, creativity, etc. Your desk represents you whether you are there or not. A messed up desk indicates how unorganized you are. Also, sometimes it reduces the level of respect you receive from others. Keeping awful pictures, objects or even wallpaper – some things may look cool to you, not everyone!
  4. Floor Etiquette
    The way you conduct yourself on the floor – talking with colleagues, courtesy for elders, chivalry, conduct with housekeeping staff, etc. These are the small things which indicate your attitude towards others. Also, the way you meet and greet people every day – from good mornings to goodbyes – makes a lasting impression in people’s minds. How do you participate in formal & informal groups? How loyal you are to the organization and your own team? How conscious you are about others while carrying out duties – is watched closely! 
  5. Washroom Etiquettes
    Washroom is a common facility in an office. Of course there will be people who looks after the cleanliness and supplies but at the end of the day, the way people use it, really matters! Starting from simple things such as toilet seat’s position to tissue papers, from wet floors to open doors, and from sounds to funky odours – if people are talking about using washroom after you, it is not a good sign. Especially situations when it smells so strongly and tells everyone about your last meal, should be avoided using before-you-go toilet sprays for professionals.

They say first impression is the last impression! Well, we can debate over that but one thing is sure – impression matters! And it takes a lot of conscious efforts to create and maintain a good impression in MNCs. And all these efforts may go down the drain if your washroom visit makes others close the noses. Thankfully, with just 5 sprays of Smell Well, at least that will be sorted!! So, get started!!!

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