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What humanity learned in Aannus Horribilis 2020?

Annus Horribilis means ‘A Horrible Year’ in Latin language. Needless-to-say 2020 was a super duper crazy year with so many twists and turns and churning everywhere. From homes to offices, from governments to people, from nature to technology – everything changed in 2020. We didn’t see it coming though!
Murphy’s Law says…
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

There is another phrase in Latin - Annus Mirabilis – which means ‘A Miraculous Year’. So, 2021 can be that one, if we have learned our lessons right. So, here is the list of biggest realization humanity had, in 2020.

  1. Immunity is important, now more than ever.
    The popular word on the street is – Corona Virus is going to stay with us for a long time. And all the recent outbreaks such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc. gave a hint but COVID has made it clear – we all need to invest time and efforts in improving our immunity.
  2. Spending time with family, is good for us.
    During the lockdowns, many people started spending more time with family. This has improved communication and understanding within families. Eventually, it creates a motivating and conducive atmosphere which is good for everybody
  3. Helping others – eventually helps you only.
    Living in extraordinary situations, we all faced problems at some point of time. But those were people among us who came forward to offer help. Those who can, should try to help others. Because, the help comes back to us when we need it.
  4. Self-care should be a priority, not optional.
    We need to take good care of ourselves with good lifestyle, better social circle, and a positive outlook for life. We need to give priority to self-care because a year like 2020 can put too much stress. It will empower us to live through difficult times.
  5. A new beginning can be done ‘anytime’.
    Everyone surely cultivated new skills and new routines in 2020. So, this is well-established that we all did new beginning in some aspects of life. Knowing this was very important that – we can transform our life. It is never late for a new beginning.

For example, you can change the way you ‘GO’ and make a refreshing new beginning. By doing just 5 spritz of Smell Well, you improve connect with family, help others be comfortable, gift yourself good experience and make a new beginning! Think about it!

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